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Rally Flip Cap Celebrates The Launch Of Two New Berkeley Hats Which Have Become A Talking Point With Sport Fans

Rally Flip Cap Celebrates The Launch Of Two New Berkeley Hats Which Have Become A Talking Point With Sport Fans

Posted: Sep 19, 2016 8:11 AM PDT

There are two styles of the Berkeley hats which were invented by Jordan Kay a Berkeley ’09 alumni and placekicker. The former UC Berkeley student who graduated with a degree in American studies did his homework. It took him three years to trademark, develop, patent, and conduct market research regarding his original concept.

Rally Flip Cap a family business founded by two brothers, Jordan Kay a former Berkeley alumni and placekicker, and Ian Kay are pleased to announce they have two new products to add to their range of caps. The two new baseball caps invented by Jordan Kay include the Cal Go Bears Hat and the Cal Dry Erase Hat. Rally time just got better.

The two official licensed products have become a talking point around the USA with sports fans and baseball cap enthusiasts. Jordan Kay looked at all the baseball caps from the days of 1860 when the Brooklyn Excelsiors first wore a ball cap and decided a major new design feature was needed to add more fun while enhancing the fan experience inside and outside of the stadium.

Jordan Kay said: “My brother and I had a mission to create a new category within headwear that puts a fun spin on the traditional baseball cap. Now you can blend in or stand out. We have two different versions of Rally Flip Caps – Classic and Dry Erase. Ball caps have evolved beyond baseball and sports. Worn for a brand, team, or fashion, the common cap nowadays has become a symbol of self-expression and identity. The desire to express your personality will never go out of style. The Rally Flip Cap is an ideal way to support a cause, make a lasting impression, put a smile on someone’s face or at the very least, cover up a bad hair day.”

The Cal Go Bears Cap (http://www.rallyflipcap.com/cal-go-bears-hat/) displays the word Cal in stylish letters, but when people want to give their support to their team they use the hidden flip feature, which displays Go Bears. The flip design feature is functional and stealth, but it doesn’t stop there. Jordan wanted to add a new feature and designed a Cal Dry Erase Cap.

The Dry Erase Cap has caused excitement and curiosity with hat lovers and fans of all kind by having a hidden flip feature that allows them to write their own words and erase them when they want a new message displayed (http://www.rallyflipcap.com/cal-dry-erase-hat/). With the erase pen any message can be displayed including let’s win the game, marry me, or would you like to go to the prom (makes for a great ice breaker). With the hidden flip feature and the dry erase feature, it has become the most unique baseball cap on the planet because it looks like a regular hat.

Jordan Kay who still remembers his playing days with pride and the joy he got from the fans said, “the fans gave us players so much, inspiration, support, and cheering. I also wanted to give them something back, the ability to give them what they gave to us players because we play for the fans and for the love of the game.”

He continued: “A portion of the purchase goes to teaching and research activities at UC Berkeley. Not only are people buying this one of a kind cap, but they will also support UC Berkeley.”

The Dry Erase Cap and the Cal Go Bears Cap are both priced at $29.99. They have quickly become a big seller with people who want to stand out (get someone’s attention) while showing how devoted they are to their team and UC Berkeley. For more information, please visit http://www.rallyflipcap.com/cal

About Jordan Kay

Jordan Kay was a Berkeley student from 2004 -2009. He was a walk on placekicker and in the Fall of 2007, he earned himself a scholarship under the leadership of then coach Jeff Tedford. During his time as a placekicker, he shared the field with NFL players Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett, Alex Mack, DeSean Jackson, Chris Conte, Bryan Anger, to name a few.

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Looked who stopped by the Rally Flip Cap Booth at International Toy Fair 2015 NYC

rally flip cap daymond john

It was a pleasure meeting one of our idols Daymond John. Awesome dude and he loved our product.

Double-billed Rally Flip Caps debut in the South Bay

rally flip cap south bay daily breezeNeil Kay, center, with his two sons, Ian Kay, left, and Jordan Kay. The brothers have started a novelty ball cap company with help of their father who owns Cisco Sales Corp., a Torrance product design and marketing company. Ball caps feature a flip-up message on the bill of the cap. Brad Graverson — Staff photographer

Double-billed Rally Flip Caps debut in the South Bay

A baseball cap with an extra bill that flips up to display a message isn’t likely to win a Nobel Prize. But the two brothers behind the Rally Flip Cap hope the novelty headware will be popular among sports fans who want to show their support at live events.

“It really solves the problem of having a novelty hat,” said Ian Kay, who came up with the flip cap idea with his brother, Jordan Kay, while working at their father’s promotional product supply company in Torrance.

Most novelty hats are so goofy that people only wear them once. With the Rally Flip Cap, you can walk down the street without inviting bewildered stares.

But when you want to get crazy at a ballgame, or simply draw attention to yourself with an outrageous phrase emblazoned across your forehead, just flip the bill fold up and let the good times roll.

One version of the flip cap has a blank panel, where phrases like “Fight on!” or “Go Bruins!” can be written with dry-erase marker. Then there are about half a dozen “classic” flip cap designs. One hat has a red-white-and-blue image of the United States that changes to “Country Pride” when the extra bill is flipped up. Another hat says “It’s my birthday” in normal hat mode. Flip up the bill to see the other message: “Show me your (chest area).”

A deal with Spencer’s Gifts, a shop that specializes in off-color novelty items, is pending.

The hats are available at the Rally Flip Cap website and at skate shops Urban Skate in San Pedro and Maui and Sons in Venice. Sales are in the double digits since the product launched before Christmas.

The Kay brothers are trying to strike licensing deals with college sports teams. If the idea takes off, getting the caps into baseball stadiums would be a logical next step. However, to secure those sorts of deals requires sales guarantees of $1 million, Ian Kay said.

Jordan Kay wears a rally cap that features a double bill that can be flipped up with alternate message. Brad Graverson — Staff photographer

The Rally Flip Cap idea was bankrolled by the Kay brothers’ father, Neil Kay, who owns Cisco Sales Corp., a promotional products company.

Digital piggy banks, Christmas-themed mugs, branded tote bags, trophies and inflatable guitars are some of the thousands of novelty gift items that Cisco Sales provides its mostly corporate customers.

Neil Kay, who has partnerships with more than 100 factories in China, has been in business for 39 years. With a little luck, some of that success will rub off on the next generation of tchotchke manufacturers.

“You can come up with the idea. But you also have to sell it,” Ian Kay said. “Sales set you free.”


A New Innovation in the Realm of Snapbacks

Rally Flip Cap has just released a new line of snapback hats that are sleek, stylish, and at times outrageous.

Torrance, California (PRWEB) October 03, 2014

There is an individualized culture that goes hand-in-hand with The Rally Flip Cap® brand. Our goal is to create good looking hats with a hidden wow factor. It’s important that these don’t look like a novelty hat at all times.

Rally Flip Caps have a 6″ x 2-1/2″ dry erase board on the under side of their bills. When not in use, they snap shut along the hat’s main structure, maintaining the look of a normal ball cap. And when feeling the call of the pen–an included black dry erase marker–the boards flip 90 degrees upward, standing tall along their cap’s front end. These are known as Dry Erase Snapbacks.

All of the rally flip caps have a double bill that flips up, but they don’t all have whiteboards on them. Some have shiny satin fabric with vibrant artwork on the underside. These are known Classic Rally Flip Caps.

Having these options makes our product unique and special in its own way, giving the user an ability to transform their hat on demand.

The Rally Flip Cap® still serves its purpose of providing shade for your eyes while keeping the integrity of its quality look, comfort, and fit. At the moment all of our hats are snapbacks, but fitted RFC’s are currently being developed.

Swing by our website; for the next week, visitors can get 15% off anything in the store with the coupon code “family.”