Rally Flip Cap Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch

On the new streaming show Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, founders step into the Entrepreneur Elevator and have just 60 seconds to present their idea, product or business to a panel of investors. Whether an entrepreneur gets invited into the boardroom or sent back to the ground floor depends on what our experts think in that first minute. Each week we’ll dissect what any entrepreneur can learn from these contestants’ winning — or losing — pitches.

Watch the Kay brothers rally the investors in the fourth episode of “Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch”

Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch streams Wednesdays on Entrepreneur.com starting September 20. Aspiring entrepreneurs, be sure to check back for details on applying to season 2. For those who think they’ve seen the next million-dollar idea on the show, head to Indiegogo to become an early supporter and help the featured entrepreneurs bring their projects to life.

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Private Label Flip Caps

My brother and I are extremely excited to announce our 1st Private Label Flip Cap order with Harley-Davidson Cafe. Always celebrate the little wins and keep the momentum going forward. #startuplife


Meet the brothers that are changing the hat game.

Here’s a glimpse into our story and vision regarding The Rally Flip Cap.


Former Cal Kicker Scores With Flip Cap Invention

Cheer On Your Team With Rally Flip Cap

Jordan Kay, Founder of Rally Flip Cap, is in the studio with Martina demonstrating how everyone can show their team spirit.

“The Flip Cap is a double-billed hat with a hidden flip feature. Our brand Rally Flip Cap has a utility-patented function and design. Our hats give users the ability to stand out from the crowd by “flipping” what’s on their mind. We have created a new category in headwear centered around the fan experience, making rally time easier and much more entertaining…The Flip Cap is an ideal way to support a cause, make a lasting impression, put a smile on someone’s face or at the very least, cover up a bad hair day.”




Long is the tradition of rally time in baseball, first used by players on the 1977-78 Texas Rangers team but wasn’t widely introduced to fans on a national level until the 1986 World Series. The Mets players were seen on TV wearing rally hats in the dugout during a critical game 6 game. Trailing 5-3 in the 10th inning, the Mets came back to win game 6 and then ultimately game 7 to win the championship and forever associating the rally cap with bringing late inning luck.

Rally Flip Cap was invented by Jordan Kay who had the idea to keep the rally hat tradition but put a modern spin on today’s style of hats. He teamed up with his brother Ian Kay and Rally Flip Cap was born. Their mission is to enhance fan experience inside and outside of the stadium. Rally Flip Cap is a new twist on rally time that makes it quicker, easier and way more fun to join in on the die-hard fan experience! The best part is you no longer have to turn your lid inside out or balance your hat as a shark fin on top of your head while trying to enjoy the game. The double-billed hats are stealth and look like a regular ball cap.  With a flip of your secret second bill, you can instantly enter rally time and stand out from the crowd!

Jordan Kay was a placekicker at Cal Berkeley in the 2007 season and it was important for him to bring in his Cal family into the Rally Flip Cap experience. He created two Cal licensed rally hats that allows students, alumni, and Cal fans to show off their pride and support the school with a portion of each purchase going to teaching and research activities at UC Berkeley.

The first style is the Cal Go Bears Cap which displays the word Cal in stylish letters, but when people want to show their support for their team they use the hidden flip feature, which displays ‘Go Bears‘. The second style is the Cal Dry Erase Cap which also sports a Cal logo but this hidden flip feature has a dry erase board that allows you to write your own words and erase them whenever you like. For more information, visit http://www.rallyflipcap.com/cal





6 Unique Ways To Wear A Snapback

1. The Chris Brown

This one is all about the curve on the bill. A lot of people forget how much a subtle curve can affect the look of a cap. Try copying his way or try curving yours in your way to find your own style. https://instagram.com/p/5_iXjRvpR4/?taken-by=chrisbrownofficial

rally flip cap chris

2. The Hipster

There’s nothing wrong with being a hipster. But they do tend to wear their hats on the top on their head, with a flat bill pointing upward. http://media.tumblr.com/a692610bb87095dd547c731b3fe0f941/tumblr_inline_mn6a83tGJj1qz4rgp.png

rally flip cap hats

3. The Fresh Prince

If the hat is perfectly to this side it will look wack. But if you get that angle just right you get that “fresh” look…https://localghostsart.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/freshprince.jpg


4. Tilted Down

Men and women alike can rock this look. Tilted to the front and slightly to one side, to cover one eye. I think girls look pretty sexy when they wear them like this. http://opinionaided.s3.amazonaws.com/201206/4fe8157824967dd71f000071_ref.jpg


5. Backward

6. And of course…the one you can only do with a Rally Flip Cap … flipped up J

14 Things To Do With a Rally Flip Cap

1. Make dat money.

We gave some kids a couple of hats for their lemonade stand.


2. Support a cause.

We donated $3.00 of every hat we sold during Turkey Trot La to the LA Food Bank.


3. Get a kiss.

Score a kiss whenever you flip up the Irish hat.

kiss me

4. Put one on young flo.

This awesome young lady, Aubrey Miller bought a Rally Flip Cap from us during Fiesta Hermosa.


5. Put it next to a regal canine.

We had a cute little visitor come to the office one morning.

dog copy

6. Make fun of your buddies.

More often than not, this is what people use our hats for.

friends bar

7. Give one to your Grandpa.

Gave one to Grandpa for his vacation cruise.


8. Heat’n up.

Pretty soon Ima be on fire.


9. Represent your team.

Ducks fly together… Emilioooh.


10. Express Yourself.

Write what’s on your mind.


11. Try to get out of the friendzone.

Well… At least he tried.


12. Give it to an artist.

There was a couple artists at a booth next to us, so they came over and did this.


13. Play some games.

No going in the middle square on the first move… That’s just as bad as picking Odd Job in Golden Eye.


14. Get lucky… or at least try.

This guy probably landed these chicks because he is a model, but we’ll let the Rally Flip Cap take the credit.

 girls dry erase