14 Things To Do With a Rally Flip Cap

1. Make dat money.

We gave some kids a couple of hats for their lemonade stand.


2. Support a cause.

We donated $3.00 of every hat we sold during Turkey Trot La to the LA Food Bank.


3. Get a kiss.

Score a kiss whenever you flip up the Irish hat.

kiss me

4. Put one on young flo.

This awesome young lady, Aubrey Miller bought a Rally Flip Cap from us during Fiesta Hermosa.


5. Put it next to a regal canine.

We had a cute little visitor come to the office one morning.

dog copy

6. Make fun of your buddies.

More often than not, this is what people use our hats for.

friends bar

7. Give one to your Grandpa.

Gave one to Grandpa for his vacation cruise.


8. Heat’n up.

Pretty soon Ima be on fire.


9. Represent your team.

Ducks fly together… Emilioooh.


10. Express Yourself.

Write what’s on your mind.


11. Try to get out of the friendzone.

Well… At least he tried.


12. Give it to an artist.

There was a couple artists at a booth next to us, so they came over and did this.


13. Play some games.

No going in the middle square on the first move… That’s just as bad as picking Odd Job in Golden Eye.


14. Get lucky… or at least try.

This guy probably landed these chicks because he is a model, but we’ll let the Rally Flip Cap take the credit.

 girls dry erase