Dry Erase

dry erase board rally flip cap marker brim flip cap

flip hat rfc dry erase marker

rally flip cap dry erase marker rfc

dry erase rfc rallyflipcap

The Dry Erase Snapback allows you to transform your normal hat into a custom signboard. The  Dry Erase Snapback disguises its unique nature in its original state when both bills are snapped together.

When you decide it’s time to flip up your Dry Erase Snapback, a 6 X 2.5 inch full dry erase whiteboard will be revealed at an upright 90 degree angle for all the world to view your custom message.

Due to our patented design systems within the  Dry Erase Snapback, the dry erase board will remain locked and upright on your head for as long as you choose. When you want to transform your Dry Erase Snapback back into its original state, just snap it back. Every Dry Erase Snapback includes a black dry erase pen with eraser.

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