rally flip cap wear it. flip it. love it.

At first glance you could mistake this hat for any other common cap or visor, but when the end user decides it’s time to express themselves, the whole world sees what’s on their mind.

Cisco’s USA & Worldwide patent pending flip cap offers two positions to wear or display your brand. The Rally Flip Cap disguises its unique nature in its original state when both bills are snapped together. When you decide it’s time to flip our cap up, a 6 X 2.5 inch full 4-color process sign board will be revealed at an upright 90 degree angle for the world to view. Due to our patented design systems within the cap, the art board will remain locked and upright on any users head for as long as they choose, until they snap it back down.

Cisco’s rally flip cap provides an array of creativity across various markets into one cohesive package. Our one of a kind cap offers a memorable experience, instilling brand recognition into an ever-evolving consumer marketplace. This interactive cap not only evokes a lasting feeling for the end consumer, but also creates a synergetic relationship between any brand and its audience. These key marketing tools combat the challenges of branding in a world of highly saturated advertisements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does it work?

 Instructions click here

2. What is a Rally Flip Cap®?

It’s a patent pending double billed hat where the user is able to separate the bills in half. The top bill flips up and locks into a 90 degree angle. One version of the RFC has a dry erase board which will come with a dry erase marker. Our other RFC has a printed satin fabric material featuring slogans, phrases, and other creative designs. All of our Rally Flip Caps can be worn and function like a standard baseball cap.

  • The idea with the dry erase snapback is for a user to have a hat which transforms into a dry erase board. When the user wants to wow or surprise someone with one of our skus of the dry erase snapback, simply flip up your top bill.
  • With our classic snapback we have the same effect as a flip brim hat; still allowing the hat to serve its purpose by keeping its integrity, quality look, comfort, and fit. When the user wants to wow or surprise someone with one of our skus of the classic snapback, simply flip up your top bill.

3. What are the differences between a Rally Flip Cap® and a flip brim hat?

The Rally Flip Cap® has duel usage instilled within: suble approach (when closed) and attention grabbing (when flipped up). The RFC has a true flip with its top bill brim. The bottom bill will stay the same with the brim pointing forward to shield the eyes from the sun. With a flip brim hat the artwork printed underneath the brim is visible at all times, while the RFC has the surprising “Wow Factor”, which is stealthy infused into the Rally Flip Cap’s proprietary design and functionality. When the user decides they want to wow or surprise someone with one of our Rally Flip Caps, simply flip up your top bill.

4. How do I properly clean the Dry Erase Board?

For thorough cleaning we suggest using rubbing alcohol with a clean, soft cloth or towel to keep your hat’s dry erase board surface looking new. Do not spray or put rubbing alcohol directly onto the dry erase board surface. Try not to allow your dry erase marker ink to remain on the dry erase board for more than 72 hours without erasing. Alternative cleaners include hand sanitizer.

Here is a tutorial of how to properly clean a dry erase board.

6. How long does it take to receive my product?

It will usually take between 4-7 business days for domestic orders. International orders may take between 7-14 business days depending on which country the RFC is being shipped too, as well as each country’s customs policy.

5. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. Additional fees will apply, depending on where we are having your product shipped.

7. Can I do a customized order or purchase existing RFC designed skus for resale?

Please fill out our contact form and provide your detailed questions and concerns along with your specifications.

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